I need to create a routing rule where I've got to check for the value of "-" in field 5 of a repeating RQD segment, if the "-" is found in any of the RQD-5 I want to send it to a transform, if the rule doesn't find a "-" in any of the RQD-5 I want to send it to another transform.

Unfortunately we are running an older version of Ensemble and the foreach function is not available.

The other thing to add is the transforms are writing the output to a flat file so my business process is using the EnsLib.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine class.

Sample message:

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I have a project where I will need to take an HL7 messages and transforms it into a multi-line flat file. I tried creating a complex record map but those require leading data to identify the record type I'm dealing with but based on the destination vendors spec they do not want any leading data prior to the actual data being sent. Also the lines in the output file require different pieces of data pull from different HL7 fields in the messages and in the third field in the flat file I need to generate a unique line number.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm working on a project were we are going to be receiving a non-HL7 formatted flat file that will contain a single result message per line and each result messages may contain repeating OBX fields that will need to be parsed out so that can be sent as an HL7 ORU messages that contains multiple OBX segments.

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