Hi Luis! I think you would want to add this link to your app:
which leads to the app's public account.

When you share Open Exchange links to your app just make sure that there is no "portal" in there, as this is a link that only you can access and leads to the editing of your app.

I know that may be confusing now, but soon we will change the look and feel of OEx and sharing will be much more straight forward.

Hi @Adam Coppola 
We haven't recorded the event, unfortunately.
We got some useful feedback from Dmitry Maslennikov, as he was the most active participant. Now the feedback is getting processed and as soon as we put anything on the roadmap I will let community know.

If you have any questions, requests or ideas you may contact me anytime via direct messages.

@Stefan Cronje ,

thank you for raising such a great and relevant point. I highly appreciate your ideas and the fact that you are not indifferent. The points you raised are very important and I'd like to share my thoughts on them.

Regarding many packages not being updated in a long time and likely not working, we have recently implemented a process of checking app workability, inspired by @Robert Cemper idea. This process was just released yesterday, but we haven't announced it yet (coming soon). With this process in place, we can constantly monitor the apps and remove any that are not working from the list until they are fixed.

The issue of most packages only having one contributor is a significant and deep problem that requires consideration. We need to figure out how to bring people together to collaborate on app creation and encourage teamwork. While it's easier to complete small tasks individually, great and sustainable projects always require a team. We will think about how we can provide a platform that facilitates collaboration among developers and potentially UI designers and other roles that may be useful.

As for duplications of functionality in the packages, this is also a valid concern. We will introduce a check for repeatability in functionality and inform developers of any duplications. We may even bring developers together if they have similar ideas.

With over 700 packages available, now is the right time to implement these changes, as we can consider this a critical mass.

Once again, thank you for your ideas. It would be great to have a brainstorming meeting to discuss these issues with anyone who is interested in the near future.

Thank you for bringing to our attention the issue with the votes during the downtime of the OEx website. As soon as we got down alerts we started working to resolve the problem and get OEx back up and running.

But the good news here is that OEx has been gaining popularity, and we understood that this has put additional strain on our server resources. Rest assured that we have taken this into consideration while fixing the issue.