I had my bit of fun with documentation before, they are not as straightforward as they appear to be. That's why I thought of having a separate index.

I like your idea @Evgeny Shvarov !! How do you envision that, a simple index with easy access like:

  • DICOM:
    • Link1
    • Link2
  • HL7
    • Link1
    • Link2

Or something more elaborated?

Also would that be a separate module altogether or part of the existing?

Unfortunately not as I'd like it to have. Even when ENSDEMO was part of Ensemble information was a bit scattered all over. 

If you access the Ensemble documentation and search for "Demo." you can see some of the references I mentioned. (since IRIS does not have ENSDEMO by default, documentation has also been removed)

Try going on the HealthShare left-menu (below Home), once inside it you should find the Installer Wizard at the top

I vote for VSCode for the one major reason, I am a macOS user tired of carrying a VM for Studio. Other than that, I love how light and versatile VSCode is and so far I have a really great experience playing around with InterSystem IRIS/Docker/GitHub, and before I could even notice I am easily 90% of the time there.

Having said that, I am yet to see VSCode getting close to Studio in terms of features, which is still deep in my heart. For that reason my VM still follows me around.

I rather not talk about Atelier as I really did not enjoy the experience.

Haven't tested but I would guess yes, I will run some tests changing the version in Dockerfile and post the outcome here.