Thanks, Julius Kavay

ENCODE to base64 is working for me now as per your suggested code snippet.

Here I have another issue after the conversation.

I need to send the converted string in the JSON property "Filecontent" to the REST outbound.

FilecontentdataType is String, which exceeds the size when I assign this converted stream to String.

I have changed the Filecontent dataType to Stream, but when I convert the object to JSON ,  it is ignoring this property.

could you please any suggestions will be very much helpful?



thanks Robert ,

seems scope is not a problem , just I have changed in where condition Status='5'  

sql(SELECT count(ID) into :suspendedCount FROM Ens.MessageHeader where TargetQueueName not like '_S%' and TargetQueueName not like 'ENS%' and Status='5')

working fine

but same query  resulting 0 records in sql explorer, and revert the where condition working fine in sql explorer

why the difference where condition requiring for @sql ,sql explorer

thanks a lot,