Rob, thank you for your pointer, which helps in understanding Globals.

I have several sessions prepared for Global access, and this is just my first one.

I try to keep each session small and straight forward, so not overwhelm the reader.

Also, diagrams are difficult to construct using this tool provided.


Thank you for your comment. But, like I said: "This is not the only method of traversing a Global. I will show different methods of traversing the Global in upcoming sessions."

However, if you have a favorite method of traversing a Global, please show us! I would love to see your 'traditional' For-loop.

Laura, this is a conversation about CACHÉ and related topics.

I am not sure your questions belong here.

Unless I am missing something here?

Caché ObjectScript is the programming language for Caché. MUMPS is both a programming language and a database.

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking here;  if there are more specific questions, please let us know.


What is being asked here?

Perhaps you could start by defining for yourself:

What are properties?

What are methods?

What are objects?

before you start asking about relaltionships.

There is some good basic information available in the documentation, start there.

There is also some good online learning available, see the tag on online learning.

Then there are the NewBie posts.

The Alt 0233 seldom works for me.  Like in this reply.  Neither does Alt+e.

The Certification Program is briefly discussed on pages 120 and 121 in the book Caché and MUMPS - Part II 

This question is discussed in NewBie's Corner Session 18 Caché or Cache.

Sorry, in my haste for an answer I should have done a search before posting.