This is nice documentation.

I am still confused between GROUPS and TAGS, they seem like the same thing.

Also, it would have been nice to have this information and much, much more at the beginning.

I did ask for documentation when DC was just starting but was told it should be intuitive, but it was never that to me.

(at least that was in my memory).

Anyway, the documentation is nice, but should be expanded and available through a shortcut, or is that a tag or group?

You say if I have any more questions, ask in this Group, how do I know what Group I am in? And how do I ask in a Group?

Thank you

John, not to beat a dead horse, you say the facility already exists? Are you referring to the Vote Up/ Vote Down?

I thought that was for if one liked the post or not. I never associated it with whether one accepted the answer or not.

Sorry, but I see a difference here.

I have several posts that I like the answer, but do not accept it and the difinited answer.

But, maybe it does not matter.

I wonder who would decide what is an "accepted answer?"  The original poster?  Sometimes I get an answer to my post but it may be wrong, or incomplete, or a partial answer.

Ok, a member gets mentioned, but, what if the mentioned member does not wish to be mentioned?

There are shy folks out there who would rather not be mentioned.

Joe, I started going through your post and was confused by your first sentence.

Embedded SQL is a tool that allows us to SQL statements in Caché Object Script. 

I assume you missed something between "to" and "SQL".

Embedded SQL is a tool that allows us to  "what?" SQL statements in Caché Object Script. 

Or, is it me who is missing something?

You asked for ideas, one thing I asked for a long time ago and still think it is needed is a Help function on how all of this works. It is not obvious to be sure.

I find it interesting, when I think of Dec 7, I don't think of the Developers Community, I think of the sneak attach on Pearl Harbor, but, maybe I am just getting old.

Alok, maybe I have not been in on the right projects the last 30 years.  But I am mostly concerned in getting code to work efficiently. "Refactoring, parallelize computation, mutable data structures to synchronize?" You are talking over my head, and I think over the heads of most programmers in the trenches. I don't have time to try to understand what you are trying to say, I have real work to do. If you want to have a real impact, say things that really can help me.

Maybe you really have something valuable here, I don't know. But the way present, is a major put-off. As always, it is not what you say, but how you say it.