It would be really nice if how to navigate the DC would be documented somewhere.

Just trying to find my own posts is an hassle.

I am sorry to say this, but this is typical of most projects in a rush.

Get it out, get it out, get it out, We will worry about the planning and documentation later.

I have seen it time and time again.

Peter, please clarify your comments:

>>>>That for any reasonable sized database (ie less than <~10,000,000) rows on a modern server with adequate memory - it >>>>don't much matter!!! Cache will do the biz.

What do you mean Cache will do the biz?


>>>>>But give it a go
>>>>>As I said it don't much matter unless you are in serious terabyte country

Give it a go? Give what a go?

And what is serious terabyte country?


I am sorry, but I am just not following what you are saying.

Daniel, I tend to agree with you, the more I look at Parent/Child and compare to One/Many the more One/Many seems to be a better ch oice.



Thank you for the pointer.

I have seen the documentation before and read through it more than once.

But, I still cannot seem to wrap my mind around it what they are saying.

Is it just that InterSystem's documentation tries to be difficult, or is it just me?

Maybe they should put out a version of documentation for "Dummies"

I started this post and I appreciate everyone who contributed.

However, I see that the phrase "Extent Query" used a number of times.

I must admit that I really do not know its meaning.

Will someone help me understand the meanings and ramifications of "Extent Query"?

Perhaps I missed the post, but has any engineers weighed-in on the planning of Objects and SQL? 

Was SQL part of the mix from the start?

One very important point is that SQL is easier to read and modify than Cache.

So maybe not in run time efficiency, but the advantage is to SQL for speed of changes.

One thought I had, I am not sure if it applies.

I assume that the Object processing code is more developed than the SQL processing code.

Assuming that holds, can we say that future SQL processing code has more to gain than future Object processing code?

If that is true, then going with SQL in the mix seems like the correct way to go.

Why do I have to join Telegram to see the data on Atelier?

I thought joining the Community was enough?


I was the one who put the downvote in, and I explained myself in the reply.

Maybe you are not the person to ask, but you brought in the comment:

"You have a limited number of votes per day, and answer down-votes cost you a tiny bit of reputation on top of that; use them wisely."

I don't understand how using down-votes cost someone "a tiny bit of reputation"

Seems to me when a down-vote is used, it should enhance ones reputation as you are increasing the quality of a post.

Also, if the down-vote is used when:

"Use your downvotes whenever you encounter an egregiously sloppy, no-effort-expended post, or an answer that is clearly and perhaps dangerously incorrect."

If that is the criteria for downvotes, they will never be used, so why even have them?