Thank you everybody for your suggestions.

I did Google this error and the consensus seemed to be it was a firewall issue.

I disabled my firewall and the installation was successful, although it seemed very slow.

Just to say, that the Relevant Articles added to my post have little to do with my post,

I wonder where they come from?

Thanks John, I appreciate your answer.

I have been through the documentation you gave.

I guess what I want, I will have to put together myself.

On a side note, the attached Relevant Articles seem to have nothing to do with the subject of my query.

Humm, just noticed that the (so called) relevant articles really have nothing to do with my question.

Thank you both for your answer.

Unfortunately, I cannot click on or acknowledge both answers, what a shame, it would be nice to have that capability.


Thank you for your post.

However, I still do not understand the difference between Groups and Tags, they seem like saying the same thing in different ways.