Hi Mohammed,

InterSystems has an accredited Spine Mini Services Provider (SMSP) product that integrates with our other products to provide access to PDS, CP-IS and FGM. This is in use by many trusts and shared care records to verify or fetch NHS numbers. Your InterSystems sales manager or sale engineer will be able to help you.


Paul Dayan

InterSystems UK | Sales Engineer

Hi Joao,

Certainly! Please contact me directly with your e-mail address and organisation. We now have a fully NHS Digital accredited interface in Health Connect to the MESH Server, so you no longer need the MESH Client program.


Hi Raj,

I've just noticed your post. Apologies for the long delay! Please contact me directly if you are still interested in MESH for Health Connect. We now have a fully NHS Digital accredited direct interface to the MESH server.


Thanks, Robert - really great to hear from you. I hope you are well.

And very interesting to learn about $systeminfo - it certainly provides a wealth of information about the environment. Unfortunately $systeminfo takes a few seconds to run, which is too slow when it might be required for many messages. I'll keep looking! If all else failsI guess I could get the information from $systeminfo when my business operation starts, and hold it in the business operation properties. So if you do happen to come across the equivalent for Linux and other platforms, please let me know.

Very useful article - thanks, Mark.

For the "database server invoked API" method, do you have any example call-outs to common load balancers, such as an AWS ELB or a Kemp load balancer?

For the "Network Appliance Polling" method, you mentioned "in 2016+ versions a formal mirror_status page will be made available in the product". Is that now available? If so, what is the URL?

Hi Stephen,

We do have an update package that provides MESH support in place of the old DTS support. As with the old DTS, it uses the MESH client (rather than the MESH API). It provides you with full support for sending and receiving MESH messages. The package is provided as "sample" code, but it works well and is in use by a number of trusts. It comes with full documentation on installing and using the package.

If you could let me have your e-mail address and organisation, I would be happy to send you the package.

Paul Dayan

InterSystems Sales Engineer