We found the query that is causing CSP to timeout: "group by xyz" , the sorting was taking too long even with resultset just a handful.
adding the ID helps avoid timeout "ID like '%%%' group by xyz"

Thanks... giving this a try but not sure why MONLBL is always returning '(routine not found)' when entering any routine name. Using wildcard * is accepted but after executing csp, detail report written is empty. Will try other report and see...

Looks like csp.INT is not detected for monitoring:

Average Time column from Intersystems SQL Statements tab is in seconds

Error is because Atelier was launched using java from JRE not java from JDK.  

You need to have JDK and JAVA_HOME to run Eclipse/Atelier. 

Try installing JDK and add JAVA_HOME variable to your system and launch Atelier again.