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There are many predefined methods defined by Cache under Security.* package to maintain/manage Roles/Users/Resources ...ect.

Specific to your query, you can use below command to export/import Roles:

Property UniqueStringValue As %String(COLLATION = "SQLUPPER");
Index ValueIndex On UniqueStringValue [ Unique ];

Can you try with any of the below, and let me know if that works.

Set %session.EndSession=1
Set %session.NewSession=1

I believe you have figured out the solution for this.

I have just mentioned below list of methods for different fields.

NAME - Name()
COMPANY - Company()
TITLE - Title()
PHONE - USPhone()
CITY - City()
STREET - Street()
ZIP - USZip()
MISSION - Mission()
STATE - USState()
COLOR - Color()
PRODUCT - Product()

DocBook Link:

I would suggest to use client side javascript API to check the file size, instead of uploading it to server and check it.

I got a nice article on a blog.

<script language='JavaScript'> 
function checkFileSize(inputFile) {
        var max = 3 * 512 * 512; 
        if (inputFile.files && inputFile.files[0].size > max) { 
                alert("File is too large to upload."); 
                inputFile.value = null; 
} </script>

You are right, using Wizard Installer you need to activate the production. Did you still had issues after that?

Earlier in Ensemble there was a settings in routing rule to execute all or execute till it succeed.

Interesting part is, now we don't have that.

But, many of us often do this mistake. Look at your individual rules, if you have "return" in it. If so, then it is doing what is expected. If you want all your rules to be executed, you need to remove those 'return'.

I would suggest to look at both the below classes,
Ens_Util.IOLog, and Ens_Util.Log