Thank you so much Brendan,

I was able to use your example to understand and come up with a solution for my use case. I agree though with an ugly list of lists, it's not very easy to see the data in SQL, so am actually wondering if you can point me to bit and pieces how we can implement this in terms of child parent relationship?

Hi Brendan,

Is it possible to map a certain global node that might be a list i.e.

^Person(1)="Rico|2~Avenue Road~Woodville^4~Glacier Street~Victoria^1221~Vetta Road~Paramatta"

For example there, in the second node this is a list of addresses that the person used to lived in, where:

2=Street Number

Avenue Road=Road Name

Woodville=Suburban Name

So what I want is kind of map this to something like:

Class Person {

Property Name As %String; // map to ^Person(1) node 1, separator "|"

Property Addresses As List of Address;  // map to ^Person(1) node 2, separator "|", but then i want to split this into another list 


// this should map to the second global node separated by each "^"

Class Address {

Property StreetNumber As %String;

Property RoadName As %String;

Property SuburbanName As %String;


Please let me know if this is possible or if there is any alternative to do this, thank you.