Everybody, thanks for reading and Robert and Sarah for replying.

  • Yes, GetGlobalSizeBySubscript returns Allocated Size only
  • Changing the third GetGlobalSizeBySubscript argument to an empty one does not make a difference in returned Size.
  • GetGlobalSize and ^%GSIZE return Used Size which is still different but not dramatically.
  • I also found an bug in my code. The lengthy InterSystems instructions to the GetGlobalSizeBySubscript code mention: ""Size - Maximum number of MB to count...Be careful to RESET this for multiple calls to the method". I'd say such a Size definition is counterintuitive but at least I got totalSize=1321.57, very close to the result from GetGlobalSize from GetGlobalSizeBySubscript(path,global,global,.Size). Final code with results is:

x=##Class(%GlobalEdit).GetGlobalSize(path, global,.Alloc,.Size)
global,",",Alloc,",",Size,!  Alloc=1312,725 here, Size=725
global,",",Size,! 1311.9 here
F  {
    /// Size - Maximum number of MB to count. If the size of the global exceeds this value,
    /// calculation stops, and an error is returned. If undefined or set to 0, then the entire range is counted.
    /// Be careful to RESET this for multiple calls to the method
    Size=0 ; Resetting!
    sub=$O(@searchGlobal@(sub)) Q:sub="" ;$D(@("^MSCG("_t_")"))
global,",",totalSize,! 1321.57 here

Thanks, Robert. A couple of additional questions.

  • Would you say the Used Size from GetGlobalSize (Size argument from code above; 725 MB) is more correct or the %GSIZE result is more correct (760 MB)?
  • What's your take on GetGlobalSizeBySubscript when called for all first level subscripts yielding a magnitude lesser number in total, 8.56 MB? Could it be it returns only contents of purely ^GLOBAL(sub1) and not returning contents of ^GLOBAL(sub1,sub2)? BTW, I saw in the debugger that  GetGlobalSizeBySubscript calls %GSIZE internally.

That's the code I ended up with. Thanks for your help, everybody!

 ; str is parsed into two arrays, words and separators (spaces and punctuation)
 ; Trim leading and trailing spaces here if needed
  S currChar=$E(str,i,i)
  I $MATCH(currChar,"\w") {
     currSep'="" {
  ELSE {
   currWord'="" {