Hi Danny, I now found the following hint:

How can I set this account to active? Youre help is highly appreciated

HI David, thank you for this suggestion!

%All role looks fine, the inlog error should give an hint , but changing the password did not solve, still the same error message.

Hi Dann, Thanks for your suggestion, I have tried:

For what ever reason I am not able to select an Event Type (Dropdown box does not give any choice/options?

Hi Robert, thanks for your prompt answer!

Actually I am not yet into Iris. My studio just refuses to connect to my old cache (localhost) instance, I tested y Odbc connection. Also my Zen application is working incredible fine in the browser. Also checked (windows) Services, no clue. I Googled for quit some time now (days)sad, even back to post out 2012 but no answer what the error code means...

Nice article: while testing, trying to load the tables (which I can select) I got the following errors:

I am using Iris installed locally and PowerBI Desktop.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Bernd!

I am still "playing" with Zen in Cache (Yes sorry InterSystems) and would like to combine with Node.js , so am not sure if the Native API for node.js will fitt in that environment, but I will have a look in the information you suggested!

HI Bart, How are you?

I would like to perform some testing with Cache and Node.js.

I am using: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.1.1 (Build 111U_SU) Tue May 23 2017 13:20:26 EDT

and I have

How can I get the right version of the Cache.node? I do not have access tot the WRC and I see a lot of requests on this Community who would like to get the right version.

Dank je wel,

en groeten

Hi Lamont,

I do use the following in one of my applications:

ClientMethod Webbutton() [ Language = javascript ]
var table this.getComponentById('relationTable');
        var index table.getProperty('selectedIndex');
        if (index 0) {
                alert('No row is selected in the table.');
        var data table.getRowData(index);
        if (data == null) {
                alert('Table is not in snapshot mode or invalid request.');
        else {

                   var person=data.Website
                   var tpref "http://"
                   alert (person)
                   ///alert (tWeb)
                   var url "http://www.google.com/"
                   var url "http://" person;
                  /// window.open(person);


It opens a URL from  a record selected in a TablePane. I think it opens the default browser (in my case Firefox).

Maybe this example helps you. (yes, the name of the variable [person] looks odd.)

For myself it works great

Great! Thank you Vladimir and Robert, I have got it working!