Good question hope someone will attend it, actually I was also looking for something similar like PID.3 mapped with SDAX.FieldY 

Does it support with HS2020 version? I tried to import the xml but it giving error on the studio. Any steps to follow for installation

I think its not my lucky day, as i check message schema category and its says 2.5, may be i am running my rules . Also msg viewer shows blue font so message is correct but somehow method not able to parse HL7 values.

may be i am testing them from the rules editor thats why its not recognizing HL7 values ?

Thanks I think this might be the reason i am not able to get values, I tried numeric path but still not luck. What should i do in the MSH to set the document type. ORU^R01 is not sufficient?

there must be something i am doing wrong, i removed all my code and simply wants to return message type value from the msg and debugging it to see the value but somehow its not coming.

Class VALIDATION.RulesFunctionSet Extends Ens.Rule.FunctionSet
{ ClassMethod getPatientClass(pHL7 As EnsLib.HL7.Message) As %String [ Final ]
SET msgType = pHL7.GetValueAt("MSH:MessageType.TriggerEvent")
return msgType

no luck, this method should be in FunctionSet class? 

Class VALIDATION.RulesFunctionSet Extends Ens.Rule.FunctionSet
ClassMethod getEmiratesId(pHL7 As EnsLib.HL7.Message) As %String

Hi this link given not working pls share alternative link if possible thanks 

Yes client asked for monthly report on data quality KPIs against each facility.

Facility A - field 1 (% of good data vs % of bad data)

So basically from router we send to DTL (validate msg), if msg comes back as NACK send it back to BS, else send it to BP? Correct

is it possible to share one simple rule example like HL7.DOB  field is future date then generate NACK message from DTL and send back to the router.

Hi thanks, with routing rules it was easy to enable/disable a validation rule by end users, also the onboarding systems are huge list so better to validate inbound feed before routing msg to the edges productions. 

Response from WRC is 2020 version was HS yet to be updated with parsing mechanism thats why its working for I4H but not on HS.

can you please give some link where i can study building validation & NACK logic in BPL ?