Most of the Interoperability components are classes, so you can use ZPM as usual.

There are also other components in Interoperability that are not classes.

ZPM supports:

  • .LUT - Lookup tables
  • .ESD - for Ens.Config.DefaultSettings
  • .X12 - for X12 documents.

If you use such components, they by default located in the i14y folder of your project. (i14y stands for interoperability).

Today we have updated the template that Evgeny Shvarov mentioned: interoperability-sample.

Now in this example, you will also find examples of working with LUT and ESD.

Hi Netanel,

I can't reproduce this problem, but I'll look into it in more detail - it's very strange that the order of the attributes matters.

It's possible to use AuthenticationMethods attribute instead of PasswordAuthEnabled="1" UnauthenticatedEnabled="0" - I've added it into module.xml documentation