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An older Mumpster would use routine ZSTU at %SYS-namespace, it does same thing as %ZSTART but doesn't need to write-enable CACHELIB.

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Also if You are running purge without keeping message integrity it uses to mess scheduling. But it's easily fixed by restarting production.

So we need to keep message interity on purges on namespaces where scheduling is used on business hosts.

Why would not keep message integrity on purge? Because purging is more efficient that way.

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How about if You run WebService from production as Ensemble service? I think it should pass CSP-licensing that way.

Propably there is no simple answer for this. But ability to easily track and alert connections is many times valuable help. Also sometimes connections are to external servers and we don't want connections from/to internal application servers. Also connections to outside can be two-way-ssl, so this solution needs only one certificate for internal side.

Ensemble environment/configuration needs to be like that it is not point of failure. This can be done with clustering, mirroring or loadbalancer, depending for what Ensemble is depended to use.

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Just add service (Enslib.HTTP.GenericService) and operation (Enslib.HTTP.GenericOperation) to Your production. WS calls are anyway just http in lower level. If Your operation's URL is left empty, then it uses URL how service is called. So You need only one service/operation for one target server:port in Your production.

But You  need to have quite new Ensemble. With older versions there are some bugs in those adapters, for example getting wsdl through this configuration is not working.

Anyway this is extremely easy to set up and give it a try.

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