This was resolved last week and we've been keeping an eye on it. I hope you're experiencing faster load times now.

There will be a new page designed that shows what content is available by tag and it will be customized by the user's preferred tags from the somewhat buried "Areas of Interest" feature.

Mike - both the Feature Map and the Master Index have become obsolete so they have been removed from the documentation. You can use the Developer Community search feature to find documentation content by topic.

On your other points I think you're saying there's an issue with attachments. We'll check that.

Thanks for the feedback. We are researching ways to warn the user if they move off an editing page.

It didn't make it into this current build but I'll get it in the next.

I was not a fan of that tiny select list so I switched it to a list. We're experimenting with how to improve the whole group/tag selection thing. I didn't realize that it's not auto-selecting the group anymore. Will check that out.

The partial list is supposed to show the most popular tags in decending order. I'm not sure if a traditional tag cloud will fit and be useful in that right column but I do agree with you that the detail page needs work. We'll at least get that formatted properly and then try to figure out a good metaphor to allow the tags to be explored more easily.

Good feedback on naming consistency. New tag "Developer Community" is appropriate.