Getting around to wrapping up a short tour in Professional Playtime, I wanted to share my experience at the HIMSS FHIR Connectathon I participated in out in Indy in April.

A quick note about the venue, aside from the sponsors, and those who put this thing on... great job.  The venue was amazing, hosted by/at the beautiful campus of Eskenazi Health and in a city that really gave a damn about innovations in our space.  The food was great, the caffeine was continual, and was even rescued by the great host Brian Norris (Ryan Seacrest of Connectathons anybody?) with a saving throw for Starbucks on Sunday morning

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For Global Summit 2016, I set out to showcase a Reference Architecture I had been working on for a National Provider Directory solution with State Level Instances and a National Instance all running HealthShare Provider Directory and all running on AWS Infrastructure.

In short, I wanted to highlight:

  • The implementation of Amazon Web Services to provision the infrastructure, including the auto-creation of the state level instances through Cloud Formation.
  • The use of the HSPD Broadcast functionality to Notify Upstream Systems Changes in Master Provider Data.
  • The implementation of a transformation of the standard Broadcast Object to HL7 MFN for interoperability.
  • The principals of Master Data Management applied to the Provider Directory.

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This will be a stretch to be useful, but it was sorta fun.  If you just so happen to have a use case to make your HealthShare productions talk to a Slack channel, this is the Business Operation for you.

In Slack, it is a dead simple process to enable an incoming web hook:

  • Name It
  • Give it an Icon or Emoji
  • Declare a Channel to Interact With

One you supplies those, it spits out a URL that you can go to town posting to your channel using that endpoint

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