We have many different developers editing lots of things.  Having to run OBJ.Load would be inconvenient when tools like Eclipse/Atelier have this built in.  It very common for a developer to need to import 10+ files.  I'll follow the link fill out an issue report.

I was hoping that I missed something and this menu was be in VSCode.  It's exactly what I want.


I install the extension in VSCode and then define a server connection in settings but get a "Cannot read property 'id' of undefined
" error.  

I see the that VSCode-ObjectScript has been updated just recently.  Is that the tools to use now?

I noticed that Atelier gets updates about once a year.  Is there a reschedule or should I assume I'll need to wait till around June 2020?  1.3 was release around the same time as Eclipse 4.11.  I wonder why it isn't more compatible.