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Why do you think that ZJRNFILT doesn't work, maybe your journal files just don't contain any `set ^ABC(I)=I` command? After all, our guesses are easy to check. Just inject a couple of statements in your code: 

Our nearest plan is to continue development in Cache having some kind of code convertor to IRIS. It would be nice if ISC would provide such utility by itself, at least as a starting point for further customisation.

Taking this approach we would not loose any functionality. We confess that we are restricting ourselves to the features available in both platforms this way, but it does not seem to be a huge price for the benefits of single code base.

You'd hardly find plugin for Caché for any 3d party tool, while SNMP support included in all InterSystems products allows easy integration with most of them (Zabbix, Nagios, etc). It's even possible to write custom MIB to provide additional metrics, we tried it and it really worked.

It can be a sign of too long Write Daemon buffer queues on your DR Backup member. The reason for it can be insufficient throughput of its disk i/o subsystem and/or problems with disk i/o. I should start with looking through cconsole.log for messages indicating:

Continuing Robert's list:

5) CACHETEMP is always local on APP servers (= ECP clients). As to our experience, it's very important feature, because it allows to keep processing of temporary data locally, without extra network and ECP server disk i/o workload. One of surprises of ECP I've got:  while it's relatively easy to achieve high speed of intra-ECP networking (as far as ~10Gbit/s hardware is available), ECP server disk i/o subsystem can easily become a bottleneck unless you accurately spread data processing among ECP clients.

6) Sergio, you wrote:

In addition to replies of Evgeny and Robert: 

  • source code globals (^oddDEF, ^rMAC, ^ROUTINE, ^rOBJ, etc) are usually negligibly small if compared to data globals;
  • not keeping .INT does not harden privacy, as all the sources are still available as .CLS, .INC, .MAC.

As you know for sure, pattern can be assign to variable:

A customer of ours is running a production system of two mirrored DB servers and 13 APP ones, running 24x7 with possible downtime <= 2 hours once a month.

Summary production DB size is ~ 4TB. Full backup takes ~ 10 hours, its restore ~ 16 hours. Therefore incremental backups are scheduled nightly, and full backup - weekly; to avoid performance drawback, Mirror Backup server is assigned to run all this activity.

If we are looking for more generic solution, e.g. pad <number> by zeroes yielding to the field of given <length>, let's try: