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Hi Paul

You will need to execute it after Preparing it

  SET rset = tStatement.%Execute()

Hi Confused

If you're a Trak customer, your best option is to raise a TRC to have the appropriate Support team assist.  However, IE11 isn't a fully supported platform for Layout Editor, though it will work.  You will need the Microsoft DHTML Editing Component at a minimum, this can be obtained from


Hope this helps


There can be more to "speed" that just execution time of your code.  If you need to add an index to help performance, then a Caché SQL query will be able to utilise it without any code changes.  If you are using $Order, then you need to spend some time writing and testing your new code.

I typically use SQL to identify objects, then Object methods to interact with them, but for simple updates of large numbers of objects, I'll usually use a simple SQL Update.  The beauty of Caché is the flexibility to use the best tool for the task at hand

Just to add a word of warning.  The syntax for %Object is only available in 2016.1, and is deprecated in favour of similar but incompatible objects and syntax in later versions.  If you have the choice of versions, it would be wisest to adopt 2016.2+ and use the DynamicObject class and methods, as this will be more futureproofed

Details are at