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> When the instance is Locked or AdminLocked, no changes can be made via Studio. 

What about via ensemble namespaces?  I'm trying to use the "Deploy Production Changes" utility and it says it is locked.  Bill from Managed Services says he unlocked it, but it still says it is locked for me.

edit: This should have been a comment...

I just saw this on an employee post.  Is this automated or did he add it manually?  It's too bulky.



I would expect something more like this:


Yep, it's because of the hierarchical design of the tags dropdown, which is a bad idea in general. 

  • Interoperability
    • Web Services
  • Web Development
    • Web Services

This gives us two tags:

Try this:

SELECT  * FROM HS_SDA3_Streamlet.Encounter WHERE SourceMRN = '12345'

(Replace 12345 with the MRN of the patient you want to list the records of)

But as Robert mentioned, Intersystems does not recommend querying the tables directly. Do you know if you have a separate query environment set up by using the healthshare Mirror funtionality?

The reason they don't recommend querying the live data directly is due to potential performance impact.  But ultimately, that decision is up to you.  

Yeah the whole link menu has been a huge annoyance since day one.

Yes, this is a great idea and is typical of support communities.  It's very useful for a user to know of the person who is answering is staff or just someone from the community. 

Yes, yes, yes.

I bet (hope) if you ran stats on click numbers for those buttons logout would be an order of magnitude lower than the rest.  It doesn't need to be there.

I suspect this is a temporary fix to keep posts from showing up multiple times on the front page, which happened recently.  The future of Groups/Tags is currently in flux.  Join the conversation here :)