My guess is that it has something to do with a recent Eclipse upgrade. Photon is Eclipse version 4.8, which is the last officially supported version for use with Atelier.

If your code base is especially large, you might want to consider creating projects like

  • site.system1.routers
  • site.system1.processes
  • site.system2.routers
  • site.system2.processes
  • site.common.routers

Keep in mind that Atelier projects don't play nicely with XML files that aren't supported by the UDL transformation engine. The community should be able to steer you in the right direction if that becomes a blocker for you.

try copying the 1.3 stable update site ( into your browser - if you can't access it, then verify your connection settings

Atelier uses this task to update its cache of your namespace(s). It might also be doing some validation. Does this task always need to be killed? 

You could try playing with your user preferences for caching and validation. Otherwise, I'd go to the WRC. I believe others have had trouble like this before in the past.

I agree that this sounds like a configuration issue. I recommend you contact the WRC and an expert will help you diagnose and resolve your issue. They'll have you coding in no time.

Hello Michel,

You might want to keep an eye out for some new content that the Learning Services are planning on publishing soon.

Building Custom Business Services Course

This course will be updated for IRIS for Health and includes an FTP example that will include the Attributes property. If you check out the current offering, you'll see that it consumes a file called Appointments.txt from See exercise in 3.5 (creation) and 4.3 (implementation). The video uses the File adapter, but the exercise uses FTP.

Hope this helps!

Hi Anthony,

This is not expected behavior and might point to your environment configuration. I recommend you contact the WRC so the team can dig into the details with you.

When I go to the stable update site for 1.3, I can see that the proper version is available. You can see this yourself by pasting the update site URL in your browser.

Hope this helps!

Looks to me like there is a problem with your server connection. I recommend you contact the WRC who will be able to resolve the problem quickly.

We plan to do one better! Expect a 1.3 beta release this week with additional bug fixes.