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I used csession; so not answering your question, but;

# Run pButtons test profile, hs_instance is a variable
- name: Run pButtons test profile
    'csession {{ hs_instance }} -U %SYS "run^pButtons(\"test\")"'
  tags: pbuttons





Ignoring whether there is a %SYSTEMJournal:IsPrimary() or some such (I simply don't know). If primary and alternate are on their own separate disk devices (dev/sdj/pri_journals) you will see writes only on one of them. Not very bulletproof but depends on what you are looking for.

Hi, there are several posts by Mark Bolinsky on cloud architectures including DR. Probably simplest to search for his name and browse through the articles for a good overview.

Sort obvious, but remember as well as enable OS-level authentication -- Also create a Caché account for the OS user.

Hi, Have you investigated alternatives to cache online backup - Cache external backup? Eg third-party backup solutions that use snapshots?

I guess we are disappearing down a rat hole here... but it is good use Caché when you mean Caché  especially as I also talk and email a lot about Caching as well. On mac i use textexpander for Caché and any number of other phrases on iPhone I use settings -> general -> keyboard -> text  replacement...


Is there something unique in the ECP server? Can you create one OS image with Caché installed the ECP service started, correct mapping and the namespace etc  as a template?

The application server will connect automatically to the named Data server on Caché startup?

So on Application server: