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Hi, there are several posts by Mark Bolinsky on cloud architectures including DR. Probably simplest to search for his name and browse through the articles for a good overview.

Sort obvious, but remember as well as enable OS-level authentication -- Also create a Caché account for the OS user.

Hi, Have you investigated alternatives to cache online backup - Cache external backup? Eg third-party backup solutions that use snapshots?

I guess we are disappearing down a rat hole here... but it is good use Caché when you mean Caché  especially as I also talk and email a lot about Caching as well. On mac i use textexpander for Caché and any number of other phrases on iPhone I use settings -> general -> keyboard -> text  replacement...


Is there something unique in the ECP server? Can you create one OS image with Caché installed the ECP service started, correct mapping and the namespace etc  as a template?

The application server will connect automatically to the named Data server on Caché startup?

So on Application server: