Mirroring 101

Caché mirroring is a reliable, inexpensive, and easy to implement high availability and disaster recovery solution for Caché and Ensemble-based applications. Mirroring provides automatic failover under a broad range of planned and unplanned outage scenarios, with application recovery time typically limited to seconds. Logical data replication eliminates storage as a single point of failure and a source of data corruption. Upgrades can be executed with little or no downtime.

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Cache 2015.2

I need to get a sort order stored in my database with mutiple decimal places, but I want the string stored and retrieved EXACTLY as I enter it. so if someone enters 700.3000 I don't want cache to treat it as a decimal and strip the trailing zeros storing it as 700.3

once it comes back, I want the sorting to sort AS STRINGS, again, none of that stripping training/leading zeros.

this ay, I can create local arrays in exactly the order they think? they created them

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can I suggest a tweak to the functionality when browsing the list of articals,

when you click on a new page number / next page, the content change, but the position within the page remains at the bottom. It would make much more sense to display the next page of articles, and immediately jump back to the top of the page to continue reading.

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Hi, Community!

Want to share with you one debugging approach from the Russian forum.

Suppose I want to debug the application  and I want it to stop the execution on a particular line.

I add in code this line:

l +d,-d

When I want to start debugging in this line I block d in terminal

USER> l +d

And execute the app.

The app stops on this line and lets me connect to it with Studio debugger.

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Those of you who keep an eye on developments in the mainstream of IT will be aware that a major upheaval has been occurring over the last 5 or so years, in which JavaScript has exploded in popularity and importance.  Largely as a result of its server-side incarnation - Node.js - it has broken free of just being the scripting language that you use in web browser, to becoming the world's most popular language and enterprise technology of choice.

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