Hi! I'm Andreas, the developer of Caché Monitor.
Caché Monitor is a database tool with special feature for InterSystems Caché. Since today also with support for InterSystems IRIS!
A public pre release is available for download: https://www.cachemonitor.de/cache-monitor-beta-releases/


Please give it a try!  Feedback (email preferred) is always very welcome!

Thanks for your time!



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The preview release of InterSystems IRIS 2019.2 is now  available - give it a try!


Container images are available via the WRC's preview download site.

The build number for these releases is 2019.


InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.2  is the first CD (continuous delivery) release of InterSystems IRIS.  It has many new capabilities including:

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I follow the instruction on docker site.

I have next troubles:

  1. After changing password fom "SYS" to my pass I see on screen non removable "USER>". Standart commands "exit" and "quit" are not worked. Next actions is possible only in new terminal window.
  2. I need some extra tool in container. Where I try install (by example "apt-get install mc") I get "E: Package 'mc' has no installation candidate". I don't understand why standart ubuntu package manager do not work in Iris container.
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I am trying to run a simple SELECT STATEMENT in USER NAMESPACE.

SELECT * FROM projectname.table

What is the syntax if i need to get data for a table in another namespace eg. SAMPLES., SYS

SELECT * FROM SAMPLES.projectname.table  is not working.

Thanks in advance.

Jimmy Christian.

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Hi Community!

We're pleased to announce that that InterSystems IRIS Community Edition is available on the Docker Store! InterSystems IRIS Community Edition is the no-cost developer edition designed to lower the barriers to entry to get started with IRIS. Now that it is listed on the Docker Store, running an IRIS Community instance is as easy as -

docker run -d -p 52773:52773 store/intersystems/iris:2019.1.0.511.0-community


For more on running IRIS in containers check out our Documentation or one of the many Community posts on the topic!


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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to migrate the IDE for programming in COS, we normally use the Studio, but we want to use a more modern IDE. Our team has knowledge with Visual Studio plataform, but we couldn't configurate the compiler and terminal, I installed the extension InterSystems ObjectScript and tried to configurate to connect with my local machine, unfortunately the connection don't sucessed.

Someone has material for how i can connect and compile? Some material i saw show how to use the compiler, but not how can i do the configuration.


Best regards,

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We at George James Software are pleased to announce that our acclaimed code debugger and editor Serenji is now available as a Visual Studio Code extension.

As well as supporting the latest InterSystems IRIS platform Serenji also works with earlier platforms, including versions lacking the server-side Atelier API support required by other VS Code extensions.

Serenji connects you directly to the code in your namespaces, resulting in an experience more familiar to existing Studio users. No need to export and import classes and routines.

We believe Serenji is the first extension to bring VS Code's powerful debugging features to ObjectScript developers.

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We recently moved our cache instance from windows 2012 to windows 2016 and when i try to now import % routines  i'm getting the following error  "Unable to obtain a write lock on this routine because either another user has the routine open for editing or you do not have write access to the database the routine is stored in. This item will be skipped."


This is a fresh installation of cache and I've moved the cache.dat and csp pages across. It seems to work fine but can't import % routines which I need. 

Has anyone experienced this and can help? 


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Good morning

I'm probably overlooking something very basic, but I'm running on Win2016 with Cache  2016.2 - All the work I am doing is in INT routines, but I'm making some calls to the Host File system using $ZF(-1).

I have a few mapped Network drives that are mapped in Windows, typically these are locations where I want to back up some files.

My process is quite simple:

1. Read data

2. Zip data files using RAR

3. Create folder on Network drive

4. Move RAR files to new network share.

I've tried a few different commands:

S LOC="G:\RAN\Backup1\",CMD="MD "_LOC,X=$ZF(-1,CMD)

S LOC="\\data1\data\RAN\Backup1\",CMD="MD "_LOC,X=$ZF(-1,CMD)

I'm unsure if its a limitation of Cache to do this sort of thing, or if I should created a BAT file and then kick off a Windows call to run the BAT file

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