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Answering my own question. It looks like /multicompile=0 does the trick.

The rules about indirection in ObjectScript can be a bit tricky to comprehend. Your last line is syntactically invalid.

Use this instead:

S @("C="_B)

I'm seeing extra whitespace characters at unexpected places in the code fragments you posted. For example between  $ and fromJSON(data)

What is your $ZVERSION value? The $-style methods got introduced at one point, then removed in a later version.

I think your user Laura_Test_DEV needs to be granted a SQL permission to perform an EXECUTE on the relevant SQL procedure in whatever namespace you need:

You might have been able to monitor progress by running the JOBEXAM utility from another session connected to the %SYS namespace.

With %Library.Integer you can set MINVAL and MAXVAL parameters on your property:

Property Age As %Library.Integer(MAXVAL = 6, MINVAL = 2);

I think there's an easier way.

Use Studio to create a project that contains your INC file.

Save the project.

When exporting the production, use the "Studio Project Files" button and choose your project.

When the project selector dialog closes, the main export dialog shows your INC on the list of what will be exported.