Is there a function we could use to pass in the parameters for "d ^SECURITY"

Yes, that's what I'm trying to do. But MSH:18 is blank. There isn't any fields after MSH:14. So I tried just adding the "!" to the field, and it error out.

I'm working with a 3rd party  vendor call "OnBase"  they have a setting they're unwilling to change on their side.  If they don't receive any traffic in 3 hours,  they will drop our connection.  Causing a error on the Engine side.  this mainly happens over the weekend. The majority of our offices are closed and traffic is very light.  I was thinking this may be a possible solution to have this setup to prevent their side from disconnecting. 

I tested this out, and it worked! This does what I need it to do. (did not know the Routing rules executed a full DTL before it goes to another operation(DTL). So by that logic, if the first transformation fails (for whatever reason) the second one will not execute?