Using the Installer Wizard to create a foundation production and namespace provides you with a base production with all the mappings needed for a healthcare interoperability production. It saves you the time and effort of creating your own namespace and production needed for healthcare interoperability. You do not always have to start with a foundation production; if you are comfortable creating your own namespace and production, you can do so.  As a side note, when you create an HL7 production, you are creating a foundation production.

The Ens.Activity.Operation.Local operation is used for activity monitoring. It is not required by the foundation production. For more about activity monitoring, see

The recommended method of transforming data from CCD to HL7 is to use InterSystems SDA as an intermediary format. Use pre-built XSLTs to convert from CDA to SDA , and then create a DTL transformation to map the SDA to HL7. Here are the names of some related books:

  • CDA Interoperability with SDA
  • The InterSystems Clinical Data Model: SDA (in future releases, this will be renamed to "SDA: InterSystems Clinical Data Format")
  • Developing DTL Transformations