So I found that I have the messagebodyid from the Request (From_UTDHC_Unzip to From_UTDHC_Router) that I could use to go back to message 1288157  and  get the corresponding message id of 1288161 and then use that to check the MessageBodyId field to see if it is a list and spin through all of those.  But is that the most efficient?

Thank you for the reply. 

We are not on IRIS yet so hopefully we will be able to do it then and we are not Java coders but need to use the POI in order to save to Excel files.

Thanks Katherine,

We are using TSL to connect.

I will dig in the documentation some more.  I started getting all the acronyms mixed up and had to come up for air.  :)  My typical extent is IP address, port, and HL7.  


Just checking in to see if you were able to get this to work with Ensemble.  I am needing to do PGP decryption\encryption on an Linux instance.  I was trying to pick between Java or another solution.