DO pRequest.SetValueAt($REPLACE(pRequest.GetValueAt("NTE:3"),$C(13,10),$C(32)),"NTE:3")

Not sure what you want ?

If request is 'request As EnsLib.HL7.Message' then request.DocType.

IF (request.GetValueAt("PID:3.4.1")="CAC")&&(request.GetValueAt("PID:3.5")="JHN")
     SET PID31=request.GetValueAt("PID:3.1")

When you use 'Studio', you are recognised like an administrator (nt authority\system) and not a local user.

Don't use $ZF(-1) : $ZF(-1) is a deprecated function. All new code development should use $ZF(-100).

What about your python with the new recommendation?

I’m not sure I understand your request correctly.
But 'FindInFilesRegex' exists.

I use 'Cache for Windows 2018.1.4'.

The 'SetTraceMask' method of '%Net.SSH.Session' does not seem to exist: it is not in my documentation, nor proposed when encoding in VS.

Although in the console, it is accepted?!?

You can manipulate, for example like a string :

w $E(,5,*)
w object.city_"*"

If the string variable 'stra' contains the XData bloc.


The tags '<p>' and '</p>' must be in lowercase.