Do you want to simplify your user management by using Windows domain accounts? When you add LDAP integration to your system, you can: 

  • Use the same logins on all your instances 
  • Manage the user accounts centrally 
  • Stop worrying about synchronizing accounts between systems 

In Active Directory Integration with LDAP, a live webinar (June 21, 11:00 a.m. EDT) Katherine Reid, Senior Support Specialist at InterSystems, will discuss the main options for integrating your user accounts with your domain, including delegated authentication and LDAP authentication. 

Katherine will also walk through how you might set this up on your own system. After the webinar, you can practice what you've learned using a lab from InterSystems Documentation

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In DeepSee, having a customer account cube. The cube includes a time dimension AccountCreationDate.

How do you create a calculated measure to get the total number of accounts from the beginning to a certain date in abscissa ?

I tried many things including this:
AGGREGATE(%TIMERANGE([AccountCreationDate].[H1].[MonthYear].&[190001],[AccountCreationDate].[H1].[MonthYear].CURRENTMEMBER) ,[Measures].[%Count])

But I don't get the right result because the date in abscissa creates a filter on the first date.

I tried also with %MDX function, but then I loose the context for the CURRENTMEMBER.

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If you want to import data from a mySQL export file (exported with mysqldump), you will find here a little script that could help.

Only the INSERT commands in the sql file are executed into Caché. Indices are not computed for better performance.
%NOINDEX, %NOCHECK and %NOLOCK are generated on each INSERT line.

Currently, the file can not contain a "),(" pattern inside the values part of the INSERT command. If this is the case, the line is skipped. This feature may be implemented in the extractValuesList method.

Feel free to improve it as needed. Unfortunately it's not guaranty bug free for the moment!

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