This is a very interesting option in my context.
Thank you Evgeny!


Did you record this webinar? If yes, do you have a link available?


I can see the measures but not the calculated measures coming from CubeB in CubeC in the pivot table.

I'm currently trying to have a shared dimension between CubeA and CubeB and to use this dimension only in the calculated measure in CubeB. To see if it works.

Thanks Evgeny!

Yes, I'd like to use CubeB.TotalClients in CubeC compound cube.

TotalClients in CubeC should use only the members in CubeB and thus should return the same number as in CubeB.

Eduard, thanks for the comments. I changed the code just before publish it. Big mistake!
It should be fixed now.

To be more precise, I'm doing a data migration with the management portal wizard.

I get SQL errors I would like to export.