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Just looking at the production class for one of the sample edge gateways in the HealthShare demo, ActorPoolSize is specified like this:

The e with an accent is easily typed (on a Windows laptop) by holding down the ALT key and then 0233 - é.  It's little effort to make it clear in distinguishing between the two terms and I wish more people would do it!

Disclaimer - Mac results may vary

AFAIK, this is an 'old' feature in Ensemble to allow you to have two different sets of config for a component so that you can quickly switch between them.  For example, you could use it for switching between different environments for testing interfaces. You would have a different class, but the same 'Name' in the production.  I suspect you've got this duplication inadvertently.

But, my recollection on this is hazy, so perhaps someone else can add a better explanation.

I haven't coded DTLs for quite some time, but recall that I used code actions in a few places to set/use local variables, for example, to help keep track of the number of occurrences of lines in blocks of NTE or OBX segments in result messages.  One scenario I recall is where a lab system wasn't sending comments in the right place for the receiving system (since in an ORU_R01 message, NTEs can exist after the PID, OBR or OBX segments) and so we needed to move/copy the notes somewhere else in the msg. Undoubtedly, this could have been handled by a custom function, but sometimes developers ju