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I'd probably do it something like this:

I have a working operation that uses the EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdapter.

The operation settings that I use are:

1. HTTP Server set to appropriate address

2. Credentials set to an entry in the Ensemble/Configure/Credentials where the username and password are set.

3. Connection Settings/SSL Configuration set to a very basic SSL/TLS Configuration. (This is in System Administrator/Security/SSL-TLS Configurations). By very basic what I mean is that it has a name and that is it. No other details or credentials or anything.

My code then looks like this:

This will work. The second parameter of '2' indicates test mode and will write out the response to the current device

Not sure if it will help but there are 2 examples below.

The first uses the EnsLib.HTTP.OutboundAdapter to perform a GET on a REST service. This has had the credentials and the SSL configuration specified in the operation properties.

The second uses the %Net.HttpRequest to perform a POST to a REST service. This is more of a manual process.

Example #1: