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This is not possible at the moment. But it is something that has been requested by customers before, and it is on the Atelier development roadmap!

My best guess from the description here is that the CSP application was not created properly in the Atelier Project. Currently you cannot create a new CSP application at the Atelier Project level - you need to copy the CSP app from the server. For example:

1. Create a new web application in Caché:

There are no plans to implement an equivalent to the Studio SQL Storage GUI in Atelier. The use case for the SQL Storage editor is to maintain legacy applications. The development team's primary focus with Atelier is to support new/more modern development.

If your day-to-day work requires the use of the the Studio SQL Storage GUI, the InterSystems recommendation is that you continue to use Studio.

Atelier is an Eclipse plug-in, and is therefore should be compatible with platforms supported by Eclipse. Eclipse Oxygen's target environments can be found on the Eclipse website here.

Your Atelier server connection information is stored in Eclipse's secure storage file. The secure storage file is shared among different workspaces created in the same Eclipse client. You can see the location of this file in your Eclipse preferences under General > Security > Secure Storage > Contents > Storage location.

The location of the secure storage file depends on the directory in which Eclipse was installed. If you want a second install with an independent list of server connections, you will need to install the second Eclipse client in a new directory.

Hi Trevor, this has been reported to development (internal code ATL-3359). The ability to filter out system files in the Atelier Explorer view is currently targeted for an Atelier 1.5 release.

I'll look into the Developer Community tag options. Regardless of the tag selected it never hurts to mention the build number in your post as well.

Currently (with Atelier 1.1.391), opening and editing class, routine and csp files are supported. The BPL and DTL graphical editors are also fully supported. Beyond that, more inclusive Ensemble support is targeted for Atelier 2.0. Keep an eye on announcements in the Atelier group in the Developer Community and Atelier release notes for information about upcoming versions.

This has been reported and corrected (development code CDS2960). This required a server-side change that appears in 2017.1.3, 2017.1.4 and 2017.2.2. Can you send your Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare version string so that I can confirm you do not already have a version with this fix? You can get that by clicking the About link in the top-left of the System Management Portal.