This is great help if you need to modernise your application from MUMPS to Object Oriented or SQL APIs/Models.

As Brendan already marked in Part 1, if you do not have data yet, just use standard %Persistent class and all will be free.


Then there may be  this case - you already have data and you have just few places in your code that refer to legacy global based data. If you can change ALL of them to Object Oriented or SQL, you can:

1. Create new class that will replace globals,

2. Export data from your globals: by instantiating new objects with COS or INSERTing new rows with SQL,

3. Modify your code to use new class or table instead of globals.

Hi Rob,

It would be great to have one complete solution using cache, but it is not possible at the moment.

However, most IoT solutions are constantly connected to internet, Raspberry Pi 3 has built in Wifi. So at the moment it is very easy to integrate IoT client with cache server using standard communication protocols. Cache supports REST and SOAP and you can send and process data using JSON and XML. 

Possibly thats a good way to start?