Hi Alexey,

Thanks for your quick reply. Could you maybe elaborate how this solution works? The only problem is, i dont have any rights to do something with the source cache db. I just have the interface to the cache db to connect via ODBC.

What i want to do is write a program in python to listen to cache db and everytime a change happens to a cache table objects, is to fire a trigger to extract this table or update the record in my destination database.

Is there any documentation out there?



Hi Robert!

Thank you so much for your reply and insights. But I cannot delete the 32-Bit ODBC Driver because some other System is using this DSN. I desperately need some help on this issue. It's just very frustrating why it works in visual studio 2013 but when i deploy it in the SQL Server Management Studio Integration Services Catalogs, it just doesnt work!

Any help and tips are much appreciated. Thanks in advanced!