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The code posted by Jon was close, we actually need to step into the first row before getting data. The snippet of code below will allow a developer to connect to IRIS and pass a query string then obtain the result, all using Node.js. I hope this helps someone else attempting the same thing. 

var irisobj = require('iris');
var myData = new irisobj.IRIS();
var result ={ path:"C:/InterSystems/IRIS/Mgr",
                       username: "USERNAME",
                       password: "PASSWORD",
                       namespace: "YOURNAMESPACE"

To terminate Business Process Instances:

  1. Go to Interoperability->Business Process Instances, then note the ID of the instances you wish to kill.
  2. Open terminal  and run the following: s obj = ##Class("Ens.BusinessProcess").%DeleteId(ID), where ID is the numeric value from step 1