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Hello Duncan,

Please see the following documentation. Defining and Calling Methods.

Some examples:

 do ##class(Package.Class).Method(Args)
 set myval= ##class(Package.Class).Method(Args)
 write ##class(Package.Class).Method(Args) 

Hello Roberto,

I see that my colleague in the WRC has already addressed some of your concerns in the case, but to share some information with the developer community, here are some documentation links that may be useful to understand <STORE> errors:

Low Memory and <STORE> Errors


Hello Tamara,

It sounds like you are looking for help getting familiar with Ensemble rather than specifically with the EnsLib.HL7.Operation.FTPOperation. Note that the operation is intended to send out a file from Ensemble to an FTP server, not to ingest a file; if you want to pull in a file from an FTP server to Ensemble you want an FTP Service.

Can you explain more about why you need to clone this global to separate storage? It feels like mirroring may be a more appropriate option depending on what your goals are.


Hello Dan,

As of Studio 2019.2 IRIS Studio is compatible with Caché and Ensemble as well. Studio is backwards compatible and the latest version is the most stable, so it seems that the only standalone Studio installation available is IRIS Studio.

You can get older Studio versions by performing client installs using Caché kits, but there is no advantage to doing so.

Hello Paul,

I believe that log message comes from your own code and I am not sure how your code determined those calls changed. Note that $zu calls are deprecated, undocumented, and subject to change at any time, so you should replace them with supported APIs.

Obsolete And Deprecated Functionality

Hello Pandian,

This should be a larger discussion with your InterSystems sales rep. I would highly recommend reaching out to them.