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Hi Brian,

This maybe fixed by CMT1677 - Correct a fault that led to spurious event log messages (incorrectly) warning about the absence of an HTTP request method.  We would need to take a closer look to see if this is the case or not.  When you get a chance please open a WRC case or give us a call (+1 617 621 0700) and we will have someone investigate.  CMT1677 is currently not in any released version of our products.

Hello Mohan,

The relevant section of how to configure the CSP Gateway with Apache on a Mac is described here.  If you run into problems following these instructions feel free to give the World Response Center a call and someone will be able to assist you, +1-617-621-0700.

Internal Server Error could be caused by a number of things.  It is an error returned back by either the Web Server or CSP Gateway.  The WRC can help guide you to collect the information that will help in diagnosing this error the next time it happens.

Things to look at are CSP.log, ^%ISCLOG, and developer browser tools.

The method returns a %Status.

I reviewed the code between Cache 2013.1 and latest and I don't see any changes to the method:

I'm not sure if this is actually used anymore.  I believe this was a feature before package mapping it would set the ^oddPKG global to something like: ^oddPKG("User")="<value>" , so that you could have routines be generated with a prefix of your choosing.