Anyway, was a good "1st april joke" approach ;) I like! Thanks, @Timur.Safin  !

Bravo, @Timur.Safin !

And what about the performance? ;) Are closures just a "MIT student must" syntax sugar, or it gives you some boost in execution too? ;)

This is nice. The only thing I'm wondering about is why there are #dim statements for regular variables? @Timur.Safin, why did you include the #dim statements? In my opinion, #dim statements for variables that are not object references are misleading:

  1. #dim gives developers that are new to ObjectScript the impression that you must declare all variables like in some other languages. Declaring variables like this is not necessary in ObjectScript.
  2. #dim's main purpose is to help Atelier/Studio provide code completion for variables that are object references. If you write this code #dim i as %Integer, and then on the next line you type do i. ,  after the period Atelier/Studio will suggest methods from the %Integer class. If you happen to accept one of the suggestions, the resulting code will not compile. This is because our datatype classes (like %String and %Integer) are not object classes.