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Actually I don't see any value for checking $data for intermediate subscript (and check their consistency only at the most beginning of a function). Here is my [hopefully] simpler version

Few easy questions first:

- how much memory did you allocate for your global buffers?

- Did you see ^mgstat statistics at the moment your code was busy walking over huge globals?

- and did you play with global prefetching in this case?


Let put aside write amplification problem, disable global modifications and attack read performance first.

ZWRITE command is implemented in the ObjectScript, and if you are happy with the way it's quoting $LB then you could reuse it's core functionality, i.e.

DEVLATEST:22:47:39:USER>set lb = $listbuild(1,2,3,",",5)
DEVLATEST:22:47:41:USER>write $$Quote^%qcr(lb)


Let see to the keypad again, it's getting obvious instantly that keys are (mostly) located by groups of 3 symbols, and if there would not be those "s" (corresponding to "7777") and "z" (which produces "9999") then implementation will be simple formula with division by 3 and corresponding modulo. Also space is exception and is not a part of sequential numerics.

So given this assumprion let us create the 1st approximation (no compression, not name reduction, everything ie readable and commented):

I'd guess it would be 8192.

[Hint, see]

Glad you've mentioned it.

We have a plenty of open-source projects on several our GitHub hubs (the central one - intersystems, the russian one, and spanish one). But, unfortunately, nobody yet created msgpack implementation for Caché or Ensemble.

If you want to implement such component then we will republish it via those hubs with pleasure. :)



Good question. There, on, is set of documentations acompanying each version of Caché released so far. And for each version yu could find "Release Notes" which contains teh list of changes introduced to the language, among the other changes (see Release Notes for 2015.2 as an example)

I would need to go and collect all changes for all releases... if documentation team would not do it for you already :)