OS user must have Windows registry write access to edit server connections.

Try adding a server as a local Administrator user.

Here's how you can create a REST API and call production from it.

Inside your REST handler you can access request body via:

  • %request.Data - get access to request body as one binary or character stream
  • %request.GetMimeData("MimeDataName") - get access to request form data value as binary or character stream

Here's a simple fileserver in ObjectScript.

Try serving files from



By default InterSystems IRIS runs under system account which does not have access to your user account folders.

They are usually Stored in:


If they are not there open Studio -Instruments -  Parameters -  Environment - Code Fragments

The file path would be there:

If the method is inherited in a Persistent class, it won't compile.  

You can easily modify the method to ignore abstract method if they are system (start with %) or originate from system classes (start with %).

It looks as though it checks for the name of the abstract method but not the number of parameters the method requires.

You can modify checker to check whatever you need.

Also, if I add another parameter in addition to the parameters listed, this also seems to be ok.  

It is, inherited method can accept more arguments than a parent method.

Do you know if there are plans for the compiler to check for the implementation of abstract methods instead of having to inherit code to do this?

Please file a WRC issue.