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Validation process is unable to process the message in 2 seconds. Probably because of the queue.

There are several ways to remedy that:

1. Increase timeout.

2. Make the call ASYNC.

3. Increase pool size for Validation process

4. Make validation process work faster.

In the future please don't combine separate questions into one post.

I am looking for a way to detimerine if a certain namespace is ensemble enabled.

To check that some <namespace> has Ensemble enabled call:

write ##class(%EnsembleMgr).IsEnsembleNamespace(<namespace>)

where <namespace> defaults to current namespace.

Log some information to the console log file with a certain error level.

- If I have a global available in a certain namespace, can I use InterSystems SQL to query those globals?  

- How do existing globals and creating classes work?  Like I have a Person global right now.  Can I turn that into a class and manipulate the data that way?

You'll need class mapping to query globals via SQL. Check article series  The Art of Mapping Globals to Classes by @Brendan Bannon.

%ObjectToJSON writes stream to current device. You need to write to stream:

At the very least changes in:

  • Query elements of any class
  • ClassMethods with [SqlProc] modifier

May require a query purge.

*** Do you see any drawback or issues with this? Can there be any other impact due to this?

This is absolutely not a recommended approach.

Here's how you can do it.