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Mimedata is subscripted by name and index.

So in your case:

set name = "BulkFileUpload"
for i=1:1:%request.CountMimeData(name)
    set mimeData = %request.GetMimeData(name, , i)

On each iteration mimeData variable would hold the stream with one next mimedata.

%request is simply an object of %CSP.Request class, check the docs or code to know how it works

<FILEFULL>  - Caché attempted to allocate a disk block for more global data or routine storage, but the attempt failed because the Caché database is full and could not be expanded.

Affected db is /hs-connect-hom/db/BPINTEGRADEV-GLB.

Use methods from %CSP.Portal.Utils class:

set pageID = "" //page url, URL encoded via $zconvert(url,"O","URL")

set currentResource = ##class(%CSP.Portal.Utils).%GetCustomResource(pageID)

set sc = ##class(%CSP.Portal.Utils).%SetCustomResource(pageID, newResource)

I think the easier solution would be to map classes and data to a target namespace and just execute the query in the same namespace. Documentation.