Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in August 2019!

ToolBox-4-Iris by Richard Zimmermann

API for InterSystems IRIS with a collection of handy and useful tools

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

IRIS History Monitor - monitoring visualization tool for InterSystems IRIS

Nested Set Model by Nikolay Soloviev

Nested Set Model implementation for ObjectScript

SOLID Design with ObjectScript by Sourabh Sethi

Training and Codeset of SOLID Design in ObjectScript

Samples-ObjectScript by Joel Solon

ObjectScript samples for use with the ObjectScript tutorial. Meant for use with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

Object Synchronization by Jose Tomas Salvador

Sample project to play with IRIS Object Synchronization feature

Https-Proxy-IRIS-Docker by Guillaume Rongier

Sample of an Https proxy for Intersystems Iris with docker

iris-webgateway-example by Dmitry Maslennikov

Example of containerised IRIS with separate Apache and WebGateway

iris-mirror-with-docker by Dmitry Maslennikov

Docker compose environment with demo IRIS configured with Mirroring

Fast & Informative WEB API/Proxy by Sourabh Sethi

Informative and Fast WEB API VIA ObjectScript and Ensemble/HealthShare

PivotSubscriptions by Peter Steiwer

Subscribe to Pivot Tables in InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence to receive scheduled emails

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov

Package Manager for InterSystems IRIS

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Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in July 2019!

New Applications

Metrics example published by David Underhill

A simple example of collating database and license metrics

Dynamic SQL to Dynamic Object published by David Crawford

ObjectScript function to convert any SQL query into a dynamic object

Cogs JSON Class published by Sean Connelly

Convert JSON to and from InterSystems ObjectScipt classes

Objectscript Roman Numeral Converter published by David Crawford

Converts numbers into roman numerals using ObjectScript

Random Read IO Storage Performance Tool published by Tony Pepper

Random Read IO Performance Tool for InterSystems IRIS Database

Port published by Rubens Silva

Port is a VCS-agnostic Caché Studio utility to export or import Caché files based on projects instead of namespaces

Forgery published by Rubens Silva

An auxiliary tool used to mimic requests to %CSP.REST and Frontier Router-based classes.

Log Production Queue Counts published by Robert Hanna

A simple scheduled task and persistent table for logging production queue counts.

EnsDemo Iris installer published by Guillaume Rongier

ENSDEMO port to IRIS without HL7 and DICOM examples

Anti CSRF CSP published by David Crawford

A method for mitigating anti CSRF attacks on CSP derived API calls

Frontier published by Rubens Silva

%CSP.REST on steroids. Frontier is a REST framework made with the purpose of reducing boilerplate code and imposing a clean coding style 

Python Gateway Samples published by Eduard Lebedyuk

Examples of PythonGateway Usage. Python Gateway for InterSystems Data Platforms

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Hi Developers!

This is an anniversary announcement to celebrate 6,000 members on InterSystems Developers!

There are some other good figures came: 

  • we have more than 5,000 posts with almost 1,000 articles. (956 to the moment).
  • Also, we are close to having 20,000 answers and comments and 2,000,000 reads for DC postings.

And we have the Spanish Community for 2 months running! Join Spanish DC!

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Hi Community!

This is the update on what are the new applications submitted on OpenExchange in June 2019!

New Applications

Example Backup Task published by @Sergey Mikhailenko

Sample database backup copying task with prior deletion of outdated copies

A more useful Object Dump published by @Robert Cemper

This small helper class allows you to dump an object to terminal or
e.g in background to some stream for later review.

Samples BI published by @Evgeny Shvarov on behalf of InterSystems

This is a technology example of InterSystems Business Analytics tool with Cubes, Pivots, MDX Queries and Dashboards. The Sample is  formerly known as "Holefoods "

Interjob communication Demo published by @Robert Cemper

It's internal variant of PIPE

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