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Hi, Rubens!

Thanks for the topic. 

I didn't get 5 and 7, would you please elaborate?

Hi, Razvan!

I would promote DSW again.

Look at Samples Dashboard.

You can embed the whole dashboard with perfect performance or you can embed any widget you like by "Share" option:

Hi, Razvan!

Do you want to alter just css? Or do you want to have a completely different view of the widgets? 

This is fixed. All the groups have default group and tag now.

Hi, John!

Yes, it is done on purpose. We are working on better SEO for DC and this is part of the work. It is called by google as circular link - the link on the page which directs on itself. Google "doesn't like it". 

I got used to clicking on it too. So it is still clickable on other than home page, but doesn't work on home page.

Reload can work? Ctrl+R on Chrome?