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Hi, Kevin!

I can advise trying Caché Class Explorer which exposes packages, classes, methods with code and interactively points to classes documentation on a given server and can be used to solve your task in my opinion.

Pinging @Nikita Savchenko to provide more information.

Hi, Lin!

You are creating this calculated dimensions as shared members. In this case, they are stored in some ^DeepSee.* global.

One of the options to avoid calculated dimensions' storage in the global and further deployment difficulties you can use calculated members with Shared Storage option turned off.

You can alter this option if you create calculated dimension in a named and saved pivot.

Hi, Ron!

Just checked it - all works fine. What is the error you are having?

Hi, Sergio!

There are some efforts in this field in the community. Have you seen this VSCode extension?

It supports COS highlighting for UDL sources and pretty much that's it.

But anyway it can be used for COS coding if you are OK with importing code to Caché manually and debugging Caché ObjectScript in the terminal.

Hi, Jose!

I guess it's more about CSP security than DeepSee API. I think  you need to have the same session for another Caché web app.

Set up the settings for your REST web app where login cookie is checked, and the path for cookies is same for both apps.




Hi, Mike!

It's a good question, so I vote for your question too.

Here is the short explanation.

I guess everyone in DC would love to see qualitative articles, questions, and answers.

Voting is the way for us to introduce mechanism on DC which would encourage the creation of qualitative content and discourage the low-quality staff. And "Rating" is the sum of votes.