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Hi, Arto!

Sorry for the delay with the reaction on the question, just figured out what you are requesting for. I don't know the direct answer, but can recommend the article and pinging @Maxim Yerokhin to provide more details.

Hi, Peter!

But we have AngularJS tag. Do you think we need to distinguish Angular2 from AngularJS? What about Angular4?

Containers were invented for it. 

The idea is that you have a git repo with docker container in it and a new developer can just checkout the repo and call "docker build" or even "docker up" to get the full prepared environment with one server in a container, two servers for client-server apps, and more for complex solutions.

Hi, Stephen!

Thanks for raising it!

This button with a strange glyph is for uploading images only to be placed in a post.

I forgot, that we left the option to upload files - we plan to turn it off.

Would you please share why do you need the option of file uploading for the posts?

IF there is a good reason we can enhance the feature instead of dropping it.


How to call a classmethod?

If you are inside the class Circle call it with:

do ..Radius()

If you call this method from another class use:

do ##class(Circle).Radius()

But there are cases when you do not know either name of a class or name of a method on runtime. So $classmethod is your friend here:

do $classmethod("Circle","Radius")


Hi, Minsu!

I guess you can use Caché JDBC driver to get access to tables in Caché.

Also, check this article which discusses the options of using Hibernate in Caché.